Emma was given funding by BLMT to support her training for her future career as a midwife.

“It has made a huge difference for me. It helped me to pay for childcare throughout my first year of training and the beginning of my second year of training. Without this I would have been unable to continue with my university course as I could not have financially managed. I did not have family that could help with childcare and therefore had to pay for it so that I could go to university and on placements. It has ensured my children have felt settled and secure with a good routine, as not spending as much time with me was a big change for them. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my course and I am close to starting my final year of midwifery training. Thank you so much for the support. It was a massive help which allowed me to follow my goals to do something I love. I would have really struggled without the support I recieved at the beginning of the degree. “

Emma, 9th July 2020