BLMT Grants - Policy and Process

Grant Making Policy

The Banks Lyon Memorial Trust exists to help local young people who face barriers to accessing training and gaining qualifications for employment.

  • Local = those living in Lancaster, Morecambe and District (the same as Lancaster City Council).
  • Young = mainly those aged 16-25 years but others are considered.
  • Barriers = of a social and/or financial nature.
  • General benefits = helping young people to fulfil their potential to benefit their local community through their future employment.

Grant Making Process & Application Form

The trustees usually meet to agree and distribute grants on four occasions each year, namely, in January, April, July and October. Applicants are asked to:

  • Complete a simple form (download from the button below), either for a personal grant or for an organisation grant.
  • Applicants for a personal grant should obtain a letter from a referee
  • Organisations should also submit their most recent Annual Report and audited accounts.

Applications received up to 31st December will be considered at the January meeting, those received up to 31st March will be considered at the April meeting, those received up to 30th June will be considered at the July meeting and those received up to 30th September will be considered at the October meeting.

Further guidence notes are available on the application form.

Please contact Gary if you have any questions on

Phone: 01524 63371

Application for individuals
Application for organisations

Size of Grants

The trustees invite applications for grants with no minimum and up to £2,000 for individuals and £5,000 for organisations. Grants above the limits referred to will be considered in special circumstances and as long as a case is made within the relevant Application Form.


If you receive a grant, once your project is completed, we will ask for written feedback about how things went and what impact the grant had. We would also be grateful for any relevant photos, together with your permission to use them on this website or elsewhere for publicity purposes.

Please email

Or fill in the form below.

    Once your application is ready please post it back to:

    Gary Rycroft (Clerk to the Trustees)
    Joseph A Jones & Co Solicitors
    6 Fenton Street
    LA1 1TE